How to Install Windows 11 on Proxmox

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  • Post published:February 17, 2023
  • Post last modified:May 10, 2024
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In this tutorial, we will look at how to install Windows 11 on Proxmox.

The process to install Windows 11 on Proxmox is extremely similar to most other virtual machine installations on Proxmox. The main difference is setting up and configuring TPM, which we will walk through below. It’s always a good idea to ensure that Proxmox is up to date, which as of the writing of this article is v7.3-6. Also, please check out our tutorial on GPU passthrough if you’re interested in configuring that!

How to Install Windows 11 on Proxmox

We will look at how to install Windows 11 on Proxmox below, but there are a few prerequisites that must be downloaded first.

  1. Download the latest Windows 11 ISO and upload it to Proxmox.
  2. Download the latest VirtIO Drivers and upload them to Proxmox (under the installation section).
iso image upload in proxmox

After the ISO images above have been downloaded, move on to the next steps to learn how to install Windows 11 on Proxmox.

1. Select Create VM to create a new virtual machine.

create vm page in proxmox.

2. Enter the VM ID and Name, then select Next.

giving a name to a proxmox vm.

3. In the OS section, select the Windows 11 ISO image. Under Guest OS, make sure that Microsoft Windows and 11/2022 are selected. Then select Next.

setting up the OS in proxmox.

4. In the System section, the default values are generally fine, but there are a few changes we need to make. Select the same storage location for the TPM Storage and EFI Storage that you intend on using for the disk. Select QEMU Agent, then ensure that q35 and OVMF (UEFI) are selected.

setting up the system settings in proxmox.

5. In the Disks section, select the storage type you’d like to use, then set the Disk Size as at least 64GB (this is the minimum Microsoft recommends for Windows 11, but you can always increase it later).

setting up the disk in proxmox.

6. Set the CPU, Memory, and Network settings to whatever you’d like (even using a VLAN if you’d like), then confirm the settings and select Finish. Make sure that the VM does not start after creation!

confirming the vm settings in proxmox. how to install windows 11 on proxmox.

7. After the VM is created, select it, then select Hardware. Add a new CD/DVD Drive with the VirtIO Drivers downloaded earlier. After the drive has been added, Start the virtual machine!

adding the CD/DVD Drive.

Installing Windows 11 on Proxmox

Now that Proxmox has been configured, we will run through the steps on how to install Windows 11 on Proxmox. The key is ensuring that the correct drivers are utilized during the installation.

1. Boot up the VM and access the Windows Setup (you might have to press a key to boot into the Windows installation when first starting the virtual machine). Select the correct settings, then select Next.

windows 11 setup.

2. Select Install Now and the installation will begin.

windows installation screen.

3. Add a Product Key if you have one, or select I don’t have a product key.

windows activation screen.

4. Select the version of Windows 11 you’d like to install, then select Next.

windows version selection.

5. Accept the terms (if you agree with them), then select Next.

windows license terms.

6. Select Custom as we will have to install the correct drivers before proceeding.

windows setup upgrade or custom.

7. The drivers will not be installed by default meaning that the Install Windows screen below will initially be blank. To install the drivers, select Load Driver, browse to the VirtIO disk, select amd64, then w11, and finally, OK.

windows disk drivers.

8. Windows should find the correct Driver. If it did, select Next to install it.

windows virtio driver install.

9. After it’s installed, you’ll see the hard drive selected. You can now proceed and Windows will install! After the installation, the VM will reboot.

disk setup process in windows.

Windows 11 Setup – How to Install Windows 11 on Proxmox

Now that Windows 11 is installed, the final step is to configure it. I am not going to provide screenshots for this as it’s a basic Windows 11 configuration.

  1. Select the Country and Keyboard, then proceed. Windows 11 will start to check for updates.
  2. Add a PC name. After adding a PC name, the VM will restart.
  3. Set up the device for personal use or work/school.
  4. Sign in to your Microsoft Account.
  5. Set up a PIN.
  6. Choose your Privacy settings.
  7. Customize your experience, then determine if you’d like to configure Android access.
  8. Determine if you’d like to use a free trial of Microsoft 365 and Microsofts Game Pass.

Finally, Windows will search for updates, then get the system ready. When complete, you’ll see the Windows 11 desktop!

windows 11 desktop.

If you open the Device Manager, you will notice that a few drivers must be installed, so that’s the final step.

device manager in windows 11.

VirtIO Driver Installation

1. Open the VirtIO CD Drive (it should still be mounted). Double-Click the virtio-win-gt-x64.msi file to run the installer.

virtio driver installation in windows 11.

2. Run the installer, ensure that everything is selected, then select Next to install the drivers.

windows 11 virtio driver setup.

3. After the installation is complete, all drivers should be successfully installed and Windows 11 should be fully functional!

Conclusion: How to Install Windows 11 on Proxmox

This tutorial looked at how to install Windows 11 on Proxmox. Overall, the process is very similar to other types of installations, with the exception being the TPM configuration and driver installation. As long as you set both of those up properly, you’ll have a fully functional Windows 11 virtual machine!

Thanks for checking out the tutorial on how to install Windows 11 on Proxmox. If you have any questions on how to install Windows 11 on Proxmox, please leave them in the comments!