How to Setup WireGuard on a Raspberry Pi!

In this tutorial, we will look at how to setup WireGuard on a Raspberry Pi using PiVPN! Easy instructions that will help you setup the WireGuard VPN. is awesome! Up until WireGuard, the gold standard for VPN’s has been OpenVPN, which is still a great VPN option. However, WireGuard is a faster alternative that’s somewhat easier to implement. It also has the benefit of being a lot simpler than OpenVPN, which doesn’t seem important, but…


How to Setup DuckDNS on a Raspberry Pi!

Today we are going to look at how to setup DuckDNS on a Raspberry Pi. is a way to automatically update a name server (in this case, DuckDNS) in real-time with your external IP address. There are many reasons why you might need a DDNS hostname, with one of the most common being creating a VPN Server. In this tutorial, we will run through the commands to setup DDNS on a Raspberry Pi. Instructions -…


Backup a Synology NAS to a Raspberry Pi using Hyper Backup: On-site or Off-site!

This tutorial we will look at how to backup a Synology NAS to a Raspberry Pi using Hyper Backup. will first setup an Rsync server on a Raspberry Pi so that it can be used with Synology's Hyper Backup. After completing this, you will be able to use your Raspberry Pi as an on-site or off-site backup destination. There are two sections that will guide you through the process of setting up the server. The…


How to Install Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi

These instructions will explain how to install Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi. How to Install Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi - Instructions I have this configured on a Raspberry Pi Zero W and it runs perfectly!Before we get started, ensure that you can SSH into your Raspberry Pi with a valid Raspberry Pi operating system. If you aren’t sure how, please follow these instructions. There are two main ways to install Pi-hole: an automated installer or…

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How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Zero without a Monitor, Keyboard or Mouse!

The instructions below show you how to setup a Raspberry Pi “headless”, which is a fancy way of saying without a monitor, keyboard, or mouse. There are also detailed instructions on how to configure a Wi-Fi connection for internet access! How to Setup a Raspberry Pi without a Monitor, Keyboard, or Mouse - Instructions 1. Navigate to the Raspberry Pi website and download the Raspberry Pi Imager.2. After the download finishes, launch the Raspberry Pi Imager application…

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