How to Install Proxmox VE

In this tutorial, we will look at how to install Proxmox VE. Proxmox VE is a type-1 hypervisor that can run different operating systems virtually. It’s Debian-based and allows you to set up different virtual machines or containers.

Overall, Proxmox is a great hypervisor that will allow you to get into virtualization quickly as it’s very user-friendly. There’s also tons of great information online about it so you’ll have a lot of support when trying to implement different solutions.

Proxmox VE is free, though they do offer a license that will give you paid support. There’s a popup that occurs when you install the free version of Proxmox, but you can simply click through it to use the OS.

How to Install Proxmox VE

We will look at how to install Proxmox VE below. Please make sure that you download the latest Proxmox VE ISO installer. To write the ISO image to a USB stick, you can use a tool like Etcher for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Creating a Bootable Proxmox VE USB Drive – Etcher Instructions

After you download and launch Etcher, select the Proxmox VE ISO image, select your USB stick, then Flash! This will write the ISO image to the USB stick.

showing etcher application with the proxmox iso.

After it’s done writing, you’ll have to boot your machine from this USB stick. Every machine will be different, but if you’re having trouble, enter the BIOS and make sure that you can boot from USB.

You must also confirm that the machine you’re using supports virtualization and that it’s enabled in the BIOS.

Proxmox VE Setup Instructions

After you boot from the USB drive that we created in the last step, there are a few different settings that you’ll have to configure in order to finish setting up Proxmox.

1. At the first screen, select Install Proxmox VE.

how to install proxmox - default install page.

2. If you agree with the terms, select I agree.

terms and conditions of proxmox.

3. Select the target hard disk where you’d like to install Proxmox VE. When you’ve selected the correct hard drive, select Options.

showing the hard drive selection of the proxmox installer.

4. These options will allow you to select the filesystem that you’d like to use. If you want to utilize software RAID, you can configure it as well. You also have the option of using other file systems (Ext4 for example) if you only plan on using one hard drive. Select OK and then proceed to the next step.

setting up raid z1 with two hard drives.

5. Select your Country, Timezone, and Keyboard Layout, then proceed.

setting a country and time zone in proxmox.

6. Enter in the administrator password that you’d like to use, an email address, then proceed.

adding a password and email for proxmox the admin user.

7. Select the correct Management Interface, enter in a hostname, then set the IP address that you’d like to use, as well as the gateway and DNS server.

NOTE: If you can set up DHCP leases on your DHCP server (most people’s router), set a DHCP lease for Proxmox so that the IP address never changes.

selecting a management interface, hostname, and IP address, DNS server and gateway.

8. A summary page will appear – confirm all the settings are correct and proceed.

confirming settings of proxmox installer before installing.

9. Proxmox will now install!

proxmox install process.

10. Give the installation process a little while to install and reboot. When it does, you should be able to access Proxmox by navigating to the IP address and port listed below.


11. Login with the username root and the password you set up above.

proxmox login page.

Proxmox Management Interface

The Proxmox web interface is where you can set up virtual machines and containers, access the console, add storage, and much, much more.

default proxmox summary page.

At this point, you’re prepared to set up your first virtual machine or container. Select Create VM or Create CT in the top right to create your first container. Since Proxmox is a hypervisor that runs on bare metal, you’ll be able to install a ton of different VMs/Containers!

Conclusion – How to Install Proxmox VE

This tutorial looked at how to install Proxmox VE. The installation process is extremely straightforward, but you must ensure that the hardware you’re currently utilizing supports virtualization.

It’s also important to understand that this simply gets Proxmox installed. You’ll still need to configure it based on your requirements.

Thanks so much for checking out how to install Proxmox. If you have any questions on how to install Proxmox, please leave them in the comments!