UGreen NASync DXP4800 Plus Review

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  • Post published:March 25, 2024
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At first glance, the UGreen NASync DXP4800 Plus has impressive hardware, especially when compared to other manufacturers. The main question is – can the software stack up?

UGreen NASync DXP4800 Plus

UGreen NASync DXP4800 Plus

The UGreen NASync DXP4800 Plus comes with an Intel Gold 8505 processor, 8GB of DDR5 memory (upgradable to 64GB), and 2.5Gb and 10Gb NICs.

back ports on the DXP4800 Plus

It has two Gen4 NVMe SSD slots (which is fairly rare, as most pre-built NAS devices only support Gen3), multiple USB ports, and even an SD card reader, which makes this a powerful overall device, especially for the Kickstarter price.


The build quality is great as well. It has a full aluminum body that has a premium feel, and the 4-bay NAS device features drive trays that expand and contract to simplify the process of adding or removing drives.

drive trays.

An HDMI port is also present, which can potentially be used for…various things. Overall, the hardware is nothing to scoff at and at this price range, it’s quite possibly the best overall NAS device (from a hardware perspective alone) that you can purchase.

UGreen NAS OS – Software

While the hardware is impressive, the most important part of any NAS device is the software, and determining how it stacks up against the competition.

UGreen OS.

The setup process for the DXP4800 Plus is straightforward, but the operating system (OS) is where opinions can start to change (for better or for worse). UGreen has opted for a minimalist approach, which is a…nice change compared to other NAS Manufacturers.

Rather than having tons of applications, there’s a focus on core NAS functionalities like storage pools, shared folders, and network file-sharing protocols. Though to be clear, there are other applications (Docker and Virtual Machine management) coming around mid-April according to UGreen.

Current UGreen Applications.

This simplicity, however, is good and bad. On one hand, it avoids wasted development hours on tons of different products with small, incremental changes to everything without focusing on the key areas.

On the other, it currently lacks a bunch of applications that competitors have, and advanced features in the actual applications like offsite backups with file encryption and file-level snapshots – though these are reportedly in the pipeline.

UGreen Backup & Restore.

NASync DXP4800 Plus Potential

The UGreen NASync DXP4800 Plus is not without its…problems. The software, while improving, still has bugs and a lack of polish that you might expect from an early beta product that has to be purchased sooner than later.

As mentioned above, the backup application needs to be built out further. The 10Gb port has some…performance issues, making transfers blazing fast, but with hiccups here and there.

10Gb networking on the UGreen NAS.

There is also a current issue in Windows with SMB, where permissions (for me, at least) do not work at all. These are…problems and problems that need to be fixed, but this is a Kickstarter and not a finished product.

With all of that said, there is a sense of potential. The device has received numerous updates since I received it, each addressing various issues and moving the software from an alpha-level product to a more stable…beta, which isn’t the worst when you take everything into consideration.

The possibility of installing alternative OSes like Unraid or TrueNAS via the HDMI port adds another layer of appeal for people comfortable taking that route, but let me be clear about something – this isn’t supported, you might void your warranty, and it might not even work.

For the most part, this means that you’re on your own and I would not buy this device with the intention of installing a different OS on it.

Future UGreen OS Software Updates

UGreen seems to be aware of the importance of the software and has been actively releasing firmware updates to address the early bugs that I’ve been experiencing. Ultimately, this is what will make or break this device (and quite frankly, all of their devices), as it’s simply not where it needs to be right this second.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the UGreen NAS devices are only available on Kickstarter right (which has its own risks – do your own research). For this reason, it’s not out of the ordinary for these devices to have some…teething problems. After all, the device I received is a pre-production unit with beta software – why would it be expected to be perfect?

Quite honestly, I hope that some of these NAS manufacturers start to support the installation of third-party OSes, which could turn the UGreen NASync DXP4800 Plus into arguably the best option for that type of task.

Conclusion: You’re Backing Potential

The UGreen NASync DXP4800 Plus is promising. Its hardware is on point, and if the software can catch up, it might just be the competitor that we need manufacturers like Synology to have. For now, potential backers are investing in what the device could become, rather than what it is.

UGreen NASync DXP4800 Plus

In summary, the UGreen NASync DXP4800 Plus is a device with great potential, marred by current software limitations. It’s a product that will appeal to those willing to back its potential and understand its early-stage hiccups. Whether it will become the competitor that we need is yet to be seen, but either way, it’s a great first step.


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