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Hi – I’m Frank, and I’m the creator of WunderTech. WunderTech started in May of 2020 as a passion project and hobby to occupy my free time and has turned into something I really enjoy doing. No better time to start doing something than during a global pandemic, right?

I’ve worked in the IT field for almost 15 years within various industries and organizations, with some of the brightest individuals who helped shape me (on a technical level) into who I am today.

Technology has always been a passion of mine, but breaking into the home lab space and tinkering with NAS devices, virtualization, firewalls, networking, operating systems, and self-hosted applications has helped my professional career tremendously and become a hobby that I didn’t even know that I wanted. I’ve learned a ton over the years about Synology, TrueNAS, Unraid, OpenMediaVault, Proxmox, pfSense, OPNsense, UniFi…you get the point. I enjoy sharing the knowledge that I’ve learned with others.

WunderTech joins the professional experience I have with my home lab hobby, to create tutorials and articles on various technical-related topics. The information on this website has been attained through various professional and self-taught methods, with the goal of informing others in the most simple, yet effective way.

I hope that you find value in these tutorials and articles, and use the information to help yourself and others!


WunderTech is a Trade Name of WunderTech, LLC