Synology NAS Prime Day Deals (2024)

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This article will focus on Synology NAS Prime Day deals from Amazon. If you’re interested in picking up a Synology NAS on sale, now is the time to do it as there are very few days throughout the year where these are on sale. The models below are what I expect will be on sale, but the article will be updated on Prime Day to reflect the active sales.

The main point here is that even though they’re older models, you’ll still have access to DSM, which is the best pre-built NAS operating system.

synology nas prime day

The links below are Amazon affiliate links which means that I earn a percentage of each sale at no cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Synology Model Comparison

Before you select which option to buy, you must understand the differences between the Synology models. There are four models: J-series, non-plus models, plus models, and xs+ models. Generally, “plus” devices are recommended, while J-series models have great value.

J-Series (low performance, budget option)
J-Series (low performance, budget option)
Non-Plus (decent performance, budget option)
Plus(+) (good performance, upgrades available, non-budget option)
xs+ (best overall performance, upgrades come standard, terrible overall value)

With a plus model, you’ll have great overall performance to value which makes them easy to recommend. On Prime Day, generally, there are only a few models that go on sale which is what we’ll be focusing on today.

One final note is that all Synology Plus models support the Btrfs filesystem which opens you up to snapshots and data scrubbing.

Synology NAS Prime Day Deals (2024)

These are the best Synology NAS Prime Day Deals that you can purchase in 2024.

The device below isn’t one I’d traditionally recommend, but it’s hard to argue with it if it’s on sale at the price it’s on sale for on Prime Day.

Final Thoughts: Amazon Prime Day for Synology Devices

These are the best Synology NAS Prime Day Deals of 2024 based on what was on sale in 2023 (and being updated on the day of). These devices rarely go on sale so if you don’t purchase one during Prime Day, you’ll most likely have to wait until Black Friday to get it on sale again. I’m hoping that new devices come out at some point, but when these devices are on sale, they become better overall options (even though they’re older), they’re just easier to recommend!


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