DS220j and DS120j Now Support Docker on Container Manager

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The Synology DS220j and DS120j now support Docker on Container Manager after version 20.10.23-1437 was released on September 19, 2023. The DS220j and DS120j have never supported Docker (Container Manager) due to the fact that they are ARM-based processors (which is something that Docker never supported on Synology devices).

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container manager support on the ds220j and ds120j

Container Manager Installation Instructions

Since Container Manager was never supported on the DS220j and DS120j, it must be installed from the Package Center. Follow the instructions below to install Container Manager.

1. Login to DSM and launch the Package Center. Search for Container Manager, then select Install. After it’s installed, you can select Open to launch the application.

container manager package center

Container Manager Overview

The easiest way to implement Docker Containers in Container Manager is by using Docker Compose. This is done by configuring a Project from the Project tab.

container manager project tab

After creating a new Project, you can paste in Docker Compose files (and modify them) to install Containers on your DS220j or DS120j.

jellyfin container creation

If you’d rather not configure Docker containers using Docker Compose, you can use Synology’s GUI by utilizing the Container tab. From there, you can create new containers, or simply manage your existing containers (start, stop, restart, and view them).

container tab in container manager

Container Manager – Additional Settings

  • The Overview tab will display a summary of all containers that currently exist on the DS220j or DS120j.
  • The Image tab will hold all of your downloaded images. These are container files that you can utilize to create new containers, or are simply images for containers currently running on your DS220j or DS120j.
  • The Registry tab is where you’ll download new images. After new images are downloaded, they’ll be visible in the Image tab.
  • The Network tab is where you’ll see existing network interfaces. These network interfaces will also display the exact containers that are using each network interface, and if you’d like to create a new network interface (outside of a macvlan network interface), that can be done from this tab.

Learn everything you need to know about Container Manager in this complete guide.

DS220j and DS120j Container Manager Limitations

While Docker is now supported on the DS220j and DS120j, it’s important to understand that there are some limitations for these devices.

  1. Most Synology NAS devices utilize x86 processors which support various different types of Docker containers. While there are many containers for ARM-based devices (which is what the DS220j and DS120j are), you may run into certain container compatibility issues. With that said, ARM support for most Docker containers has become very broad over the past few years.
  2. The DS220j and DS120j aren’t the most powerful devices. This is mainly due to the fact that they run ARM-based processors, so while you can run Docker containers, you probably won’t be able to run tons of Docker containers like you can on other, recommended Synology NAS devices.

While there are limitations, Docker support for the DS220j and DS120j is something that has been lacking for a while, and anyone who has or plans to buy one of these devices just got a huge boost to the overall functionality of the platform.

Final Thoughts: Container Manager on the DS220j and DS120j

Support for Container Manager on the Synology DS220j and Synology DS120j has been lacking for a while, especially since the new Synology DS223j has supported Docker and Container Manager. Overall, this is a welcome addition and something that can transform the way you use your DS220j or DS120j.

With that said, it’s in your best interest to limit the total containers if possible. While Docker is supported, using multiple containers can bog down your system’s performance. However, starting with popular containers like Pi-hole or Bitwarden can give your existing DS220j or DS120j a boost in functionality.

We’d love to hear what you think about the DS220j and DS120j getting Container Manager and Docker support in the comments!

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